Through continuous innovation and improvement, we have developed a highly effective, dimensionally stable aluminum casting  process for a wide array of unique engineering applications. We fine tune the following steps for each project through in depth discovery and collaboration with our customer.

  • An excellent aluminum casting begins with a sound design. The process can start in any form… an e-mail, CAD drawing, fax, sketch or a call with your idea. Our engineers will recommend the best and lowest cost solution to produce a reliable and repeatable casting.
  • Next, your 3-D solid modeling enables the pattern tooling to be processed directly from the data and makes any future changes quick and inexpensive. The pattern is a positive impression of your casting and will look very much like the finished part.
  • Specially engineered sand is then used to create the molds prior to introducing metal during the aluminum casting process. Our foundry engineers continually monitor pouring conditions by analyzing the aluminum, sand, and air for optimum results.
  • Molten aluminum is then prepared and poured into the sand mold through unique gating and filtering methods to assure the highest metal quality.
  • When your casting is extracted from the sand mold, it is cleaned, inspected and prepared for shipment. Palmer Foundry takes great care in packaging regardless of the size of the casting or quantity shipped.