Why Palmer Foundry?

Our aluminum castings are recognized and trusted to meet the most demanding specifications. We specialize in aluminum casting technologies for complex, unique and challenging applications.

We are able to do things that other foundries and fabrication methods cannot achieve, because we continuously enhance our aluminum casting technologies. That’s why…

  • Our castings are vacuum tight, oil tight, pressure tight and dimensionally stable.
  • Our aluminum castings deliver near net shape.
  • We can produce highly complex parts, of almost any size, and we often combine multiple parts into one.
  • We can manufacture “cast in” parts such as stainless steel tubing.

Insight, innovation and investment are behind our capabilities. For example…

  • Our proprietary aluminum casting technologies, VaPore® and Stable-Cast®, have long track records of proven results.
  • Our leading edge cooling and dehumidification system eliminates seasonal variability in the production process.
  • Extensive recycling of sand and aluminum make our process green, efficient and cost effective.
  • Our state-of-the-art inspection technology digitizes the surface of the casting to make the inspection process highly reliable and efficient.

It’s these capabilities, combined with outstanding customer service and communication that have earned us a reputation for customer satisfaction and on time delivery among engineers, purchasing professionals and machine shops alike.