State-Of-The-Art Inspection Technology Digitizes Casting Surface

Palmer Foundry’s use of the state-of-the-art Faro Edge Laser Scanner is a completely new inspection method for aluminum casting accuracy. The company’s use of this new technology, which digitizes the casting surface, has escalated the accuracy of dimensional inspections and advanced collaboration with customers and machine shops to levels not previously possible.

How it Works

The laser scans the casting surface and creates a cluster of data points. The integrated software then calculates basic geometric and GD&T measurements and compares complex geometry, surfaces, and feature positions to the solid model. Any differences between the solid model and the casting are identified. The differences are then illustrated in robust output that includes 3D imagery, detailed data sets, graphs and narrative. The output is then converted to a PDF document so that it can be easily shared among multiple parties.

Application & Impact

This breakthrough technology significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the inspection, with the ability to compare both model and casting in 3 dimensions with highly sophisticated and comprehensive measurement, calculations and reporting.

It is also a new and valuable troubleshooting tool, because it can be used to identify the genesis of problems. With this technology it is possible to determine if issues stem from the design specifications, the solid model or the pattern. Further, the robust and easy to share output clearly illustrates the variances to everyone involved in the process which facilitates communication and resolution.

The Palmer Foundry engineers can also use the new technology as a tool in design assistance and collaboration through reverse engineering. The measurement arm can be used to digitize a part or object to create a fully surfaced CAD model. This enables rapid prototyping and the ability to reproduce complex shapes quickly, accurately and efficiently.

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