VaPore® is our proprietary process of producing vacuum tight aluminum castings of exceptional quality. Thousands of our aluminum castings are in service worldwide for critical high vacuum applications with a spotless record of no field failures due to casting defects or vacuum leaks.

Casting is often a better and less expensive process of producing parts than machined aluminum billets or stainless steel weldments — and VaPore® produces the best of the best — due to the many ways we’ve invented to control casting variables. With VaPore®, you get:

  • Casting Design Assistance: We ensure that the casting design is optimized for vacuum integrity and cost effectiveness.
  • Pattern Design: Our extensive experience in this specialized field means all necessary tooling is designed and constructed for long life and efficient casting production.
  • VaPore®6: Our specially developed aluminum alloy is optimized for vacuum tightness and highly managed porosity while maintaining excellent machining and polishing characteristics.
  • VaPore® Metal Processing: Our sophisticated metal processing and handling technology delivers high quality metal that is free of impurities.
  • High Quality Mold Production: Exclusive molding and coremaking practices perfected over decades are an integral part of our VaPore® process.
  • Complete Finishing: VaPore® castings are finished by highly skilled craftsmen. Heat treating, straightening, and gauging of critical dimensions are closely controlled to meet and exceed your quality standards.
  • Quality & Process Control: Advanced serialization, sampling and our state-of-the-art inspection technology that digitizes the surface of the casting comprise our industry leading quality assurance system.
  • Machining & Final Finishing for Clean Room Assembly: We can recommend several highly qualified machining partners who complement the VaPore® aluminum casting process. This makes it easy to purchase complete components consisting of VaPore® aluminum castings that have been machined, polished, helium leak tested, cleaned, and packaged for clean room assembly.
Let’s take a look at the properties of Vapore 6:

Material Specifications

Chemical Composition Limits

Element % Max / Range
Silicon 6.50 – 7.50
Iron .20
Copper .20
Manganese .10
Magnesium .25 – .45
Zinc .10
Titanium .20
Others, each .05
Others, total .15
Aluminum balance
Minimum Mechanical Properties (test bars)
Ultimate Strength
Yield Strength
(ksi, .2% offset)
% Elongation
(in 2 inches)
Typical Brinell Hardness
(500kg load, 10mm ball)
34 24 3.0 70 – 105