Info Sheets

Info Sheet – Palmer Foundry

At Palmer Foundry we produce vacuum-tight and dimensionally stable aluminum castings for countless industrial applications with demanding specifications.  We leverage the advantages of aluminum casting to deliver better parts for lower costs than other fabrication methods. Please read Info Sheet – Palmer Foundry

Info Sheet – VaPore®

VaPore® is Palmer Foundry’s proprietary process of producing vacuum tight aluminum castings of exceptional quality.  Thousands of our aluminum castings are in service worldwide for critical high vacuum applications with a spotless  record of no field failures due to casting defects or vacuum leaks. Please read Info Sheet – VaPore®

Info Sheet – HyDuct

As the leader in vacuum tight and dimensionally stable aluminum castings, we are proud to announce the launch of a new alloy, HyDuct5  This alloy is perfect for applications where high ductility is required. Additional benefits include superior corrosion resistance and excellent plating and anodization properties.  Please Read Info Sheet – HyDuct5

Info Sheet – Stable-Cast®

Stable-Cast® is Palmer Foundry’s own proprietary series of heat treated aluminum casting alloys that provide extraordinary stability without sacrificing machining properties. With the Stable-Cast® series, machining operations can be high speed and distortion free, without interrupting the machining process for intermediate stress relieving. Aluminum castings made with the Stable-Cast® processes are very cost effective for high precision applications. Please Read Info Sheet – Stable-Cast®