Ultra Clean and Problem Free

The Need

The food processing equipment industry requires ultra clean, smooth and polished components. Porosity, irregularities and even seams can jeopardize cleanliness and safety. This customer had been using assembled machined components.

The Solution

The customer was referred to Palmer Foundry, and we solved their problem. We combined different assemblies into one part which eliminated seams and solved the cleanliness issue. The result was a part that could be machined, plated and polished to be “ultra clean” and problem free.

The difference is shown in these “before” “as cast” part and the “after” machined and plated part…

According to the customer…

“Working with Palmer Foundry has been an outstanding experience. They have set the bar high with superb professionalism, fully engaged customer service and what must be the highest quality sand cast parts in the business. And they do it all for a very fair price.”


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