Rising to the Challenge

The Need

The optics industry requires cosmetic aluminum casting components that are extremely stable. This customer creates measuring systems that are so precise that equipment must be recalibrated each time someone walks into the room. Additionally, this high tech industry is fast paced and competitive and time-to-market is paramount to success.

The Solution

After working with other foundries, the company learned of Palmer Foundry and has been using our castings ever since. We have been producing dimensionally stable aluminum castings for this customer for more than 20 years. In addition to our technical ability for dimensionally stable casting, our customer relies on our responsive quoting process, prototype development and production. And because they don’t have casting engineers on staff, they utilize and appreciate our engineering assistance and expertise.

According to the customer…

“The quality of Palmer Foundry’s work is outstanding. Plus they can meet our strict time service requirements for quoting and delivery, and they are sincere and honest. It has been a very beneficial long term relationship.”


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