Repeatable & Reliable for 10+ Years

The Need

Eliminating vacuum chamber leak and very high vacuum is absolutely critical in this industry as are repeatability, reliability and the ability to meet highly volatile production schedules.

The Solution

We have been producing vacuum cast chambers for this customer for more than a decade because of the repeatability and reliability of our product meeting their critical specifications and production requirements. With continuous improvements like our state of the art environmental control system, which eliminates seasonal production variability, and our digital inspection technology; we’ve been able to add more
and more value over time. We’re especially proud of this knowing that many manufacturers are feeling the economic pressure to do less.

According to the customer…

“Palmer Foundry has developed a process of creating vacuum cast chambers that is quite frankly better than anyone else. Our industry requires very high vacuum – it is absolutely critical, and Palmer Foundry has continued to improve and evolve their process to a level that really no one else has been able to achieve. They’ve taken the technology to another level.”


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