Product When They Need It

The Need

The semiconductor industry is highly volatile and therefore in addition to quality, one of the critical requirements for this company is production flexibility related to semiconductor vacuum chambers.

The Solution

With so much experience in the semiconductor industry, we are attuned to this need and have refined our processes to be able to ramp production up or down quickly without compromising quality. This means our customers have product when they need it while also controlling costs.

With our industry leading cooling and dehumidification system, we have eliminated seasonal variability in the production process. We work continuously through all weather conditions while maintaining strict controls on pouring conditions and managing porosity.

According to the customer…

“Palmer Foundry is comprised of an excellent group of professionals. Flexibility is critical to us, and they are able to adjust production as we need them to including accommodating short order quantities.  Plus, they don’t oversell, and they do exactly what they say they’re going to do.”


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