Combining Parts, Saving Money

The Need

This industry requires value engineered casting vacuum chambers with a long list of critical specifications, including high vacuum integrity, cleanliness, high density, and low porosity. This company had previously used lost wax casting but was in need of higher vacuum chambers for a substantially larger product. They learned of Palmer Foundry’s capabilities and our VaPore® aluminum casting process through a company that they purchased that was already a Palmer Foundry customer.

The Solution

Not only did we create vacuum cast chambers that met all of the required specifications for higher vacuum and size, but we were able to combine several parts into one. We saved the company a significant amount of money and streamlined the entire system.

According to the customer…

“We have been very impressed with Palmer Foundry’s technical capabilities. They know how to pour metal to get the properties we need, which is dense and hard in the area that’s machined. We can’t have pits or porosity. Sealing is also extremely important. Their process is also repeatable and highly reliable. Palmer Foundry is one of very few companies in the world who can do this for vacuum chambers.


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