48% Savings Per Part

The Need

This company did not know that casting could be used to create vacuum chambers. They were using a “hogged out” process from a block of aluminum with significant machining.

The Solution

By applying our VaPore® aluminum casting technology to create these vacuum cast chambers, we achieved a 48% per part savings. In this case the pattern paid for itself after 4.6 units. This translated into a nearly $2 million in material cost savings in just the first two years of production.


Machined Billet
Raw Material: $ 4,300
Machining: $ 2,500
Total $ 6,800
Pattern NRE: $ 14,300
Casting: $ 2,569
Machining: $ 1,000
Total $ 3,569

Per Part Savings: $ 3,231 (or 48%)

Pattern pays for itself after 4.6 units


According to the customer…

“Palmer Foundry saved our company a great deal of money. They have tremendous experience with vacuum cast chambers, and they are also very responsive and excellent to work with.”


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