Palmer Foundry Dedicates New Machine to Longtime Employee

The word “career” can have different meanings to different people but one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that when someone spends nearly a half century working for the same company, they’ve had much more than a typical career.  Over that time deep roots develop and strong relationships are created.  And it’s that exact type of person that Palmer Foundry is proud to announce that they will be naming their latest foundry machine after.  Longtime Palmer Foundry employee, Ken “Frenchy” Savoir, will be honored as the newest piece of foundry equipment will bear his name.

Ken recently announced his retirement from Palmer Foundry after 48 years and 7 months of steady employment with the company.  It was clear that such dedication should be rewarded in many ways, and when the new HAAS EC-1600 YZT was purchased, foundry leadership knew that formally calling the machine “Frenchy” was a fitting tribute to an employee whose contributions to Palmer Foundry closely mirror the benefits the new equipment will provide the foundry’s customers.

The HAAS EC-1600 YZT will greatly improve Palmer Foundry’s ability to be responsive to customer needs and demands, will address the increased requirements from the foundry’s customers for dimensional repeatability, and will add the opportunity for “in-process” measurements.  With every improvement to Palmer Foundry’s set of technologies, the company becomes more agile, more responsive, and maintains its position as a leader in dimensionally stable aluminum casting.

For nearly a half-century, Ken Savoir has provided foundry customers with exceptional levels of quality and service.  That tradition now continues with his namesake, “Frenchy”.

Foundry pattern maker, Dave “The Master” Cortelli has skillfully crafted a custom nameplate for Frenchy (the machine) which will be cast in the foundry and dedicated to Frenchy (the man) during a formal ceremony.